Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City is Utah's capital and gateway to world-renowned ski resorts, scenic national parks and recreational areas. Having hosted the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, skiers are continually drawn to the "greatest snow on earth." However, as an emerging entrepreneurial hub, the Salt Lake City area (a.k.a. Silicon Slopes) also sports an economic landscape which provides a fertile infrastructure for investment and development. With one of the most educated populations in the country, Utah places great value on its institutions of higher learning with no less than nine colleges and major universities within a 40-mile radius.
A highly synergistic staff of multinational/multilingual professionals was created to give Altaira a unique combination of vision and experience. With over 40 years average specialization in finance, design, software engineering, and mathematics - each member of our staff has both the depth and breadth required by an industry–leading company.

Our mission was to create affordable but commercial-grade financial software for "everyone": Wall Street tools at a Main Street price, so to speak., the first cross-asset portfolio software platform integrated into a cloud-based HTML5 web app, is the result of that mission. Where once the sole domain of powerhouses such as Bloomberg and CATS, our software offers advanced and robust tools and management, by and for people "who know," at a fraction of the cost.

From the ground-up Zoonova® was built using an industry-standard three-tiered approach: Data, Business Logic, Interface. For the interface, we chose a web-hosted solution, preferring a universal solution with a single code set. Server-side, we leverage the power of C# and ASP.NET in an MVC (Model/View/Controller) paradigm.

Using Zoonova®, users can create unlimited position/portfolios of stocks, options, FX, bonds, callable/puttable bonds, floating rate notes, money market instruments, IR swaps, basis swaps, credit default swaps, and alternative investments. All instruments are priced suing industry-standard models, providing enterprise-level portfolio management along with a dazzling colletion of graphs and indicators, along with price and risk sensitivity.

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